Waiting List and Fees

The Fredericksburg City Cemetery is an active cemetery, hosting a few burials each year. Most of the lots are family-owned, but occasionally a lot may be determined to have been abandoned, or unsold, and after proper legal procedures are complete, will be sold by the Company.  If you would like to purchase a burial lot or lots for your own or family use, please contact us to be put on the waiting list. Please provide us with any necessary contact information for you, as well as your purchase desires: number of plots? If more than one do they need to be next to each other? Full casket or cremains? People on the waiting list will be notified when a suitable space is available. Preference is given to individuals who have contributed time and or talents to the Cemetery Company. 

2017 prices:
Full burial Plot $2500. Smaller plots for cremains are pro-rated. 

Fees to open a plot for burial are: $1000 for a full casket, $500 for cremains. Grave digging is separate and arranged through the funeral home or directly with Mercer Vault Co. (Vaults are NOT required)